OTT-Jakob Power Drawbars: Rotary Unions, Unclamp, Tooling, Grippers

OTT-Jakob Power Drawbars


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SK Grippers 

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HSK Grippers 

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HSK-T Grippers 

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Rotary Unions 

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Unclamp Units 

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Power Check 

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The Gold Standard in Tool Retention

  • OTT-Jakob - the leading manufacturer of automatic tool clamping systems

  • AME - the exclusive partner of OTT-Jakob in North America



Your Partner for Complete Tool Clamping Systems
  • Gripper with holder, clamping unit, rotary union and unclamp unit are produced from OTT-Jakob and are optimized to each other.
  • OTT-JAKOB power drawbars offer highest clamping forces. The intensifier amplifies the spring force and locks the system.
  • The universal inside spindle contour offers the use of different tool standards or the same size in the same spindle with an easy change of the gripper with holder.


With the OTT-Jakob universal contour, our drawbars can be used with most known tooling standards:

  • DIN 61871 / 69872
  • ANSI B5.50
  • ISO 7388/1/2 Typ A
  • ISO 7388/1/2 Typ B
  • MAS 403-1982 BT/PT 2 (30°)
  • MAS 403-1982 BT/PT 1 (45°)
Modular Tooling

The OTT universal inside spindle contour is an important step towards modular tooling. It offers the manufacturer of machines and/or spindle units the ability to clamp different steep taper tools (taper/retention knob standard) simply by exchanging the gripper unit.

Several variations of power drawbars with or without coolant, with hydraulic or pneumatic unclamp units can be built into the same spindles. Rotary unions and unclamp units are compatible and exchangeable.

OTT-Jakob offers a complete program of HSK- and steep taper power drawbars. This makes OTT-Jakob the only manufacturer who offers complete tool clamping systems. Today, over 250,000 machines worldwide are operating with the OTT-Jakob power drawbar.

Advanced Machine and Engineering has been proudly distributing and manufacturing OTT-Jakob drawbars for over 25 years. AME is the only licensed distributor and manufacturer of OTT-Jakob products in North America.


HSK Manual

HSK Manual Catalog

 HSK Tech Manual

> PDF Manual 597K

Power Check PDFs

OTT Power Check II Manual

Power Check II Manual

> PDF Manual 2.1 MB

OTT Power Check I Manual

Power Check I Manual

> PDF Manual 226K

OTT Power Check II Infosheet

Power Check II Info Sheet

> PDF Folder 2.3MB



OTT Product Catalog

OTT Product Catalog

> PDF Catalog 2.83MB


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